Rating: 2 1/2 ♥’s
Published: February 13, 2024
Genre: Romance
Pages: 286

Description: Katrina Shah just wants out of the fame game, away from her high-profile family’s drama. But dodging the spotlight? Tough luck. Especially when she collides with Hollywood’s golden boy, Evan Kristof. Her heart doesn’t seem to have received the memo to steer clear of him. Evan’s used to the spotlight, the parties, the glitz. Yet, he’s craving a break, some peace. Then he meets Katrina, and suddenly, tranquility’s the last thing on his mind. As they both try to escape their pasts, sparks fly between the girl who wants anonymity and the movie star. But can they navigate crazy families, an over-the-top wedding, and their undeniable chemistry without getting burned? Their fling might just turn into something much bigger than they bargained for.“Bollywood movies and smutty romance novels are every Desi girl’s guilty pleasure. And I had the crazy idea to combine the two.”

I received this book as an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

I thought that this book was alright, I felt like it had a lot of potential from the description and that it just kind of fell short of the mark. From the description, I was looking forward to reading it, and I am still glad that I did, but there were just some things that could have been done a little better. There were a lot of inconsistencies, like the characters are in one room and then all of a sudden in another but no talk of them moving around, also there was a description of her wearing a turtleneck but then a cardigan was taken off of her. At one point the same paragraph was used twice within 2 pages. I think with just some editing and proofreading again these would have been caught and not have taken away from the story.

The sexy scenes in this book were ok, I just felt like sometimes they were a little teenagerish, we get a lot of talk during them, and during the book, about how big her boobs are and it just didn’t seem like that needed to keep being said. On the same note talking about how sexy she was in her Indian attire and everything happened a lot. I felt that the characters did have chemistry and were good together, but the sexy scenes could have been a little more adult for me.

I liked the idea of the story and the plot. I think it was fun to see some Indian culture represented in it. I felt like I could imagine the parties they were having and imagined seeing them in a movie. I liked most of the banter between the characters and it gave me some fun chuckles as I read. The love story between Evan and Katrina was good, although it was very fast, but that does happen a lot in romance books. I wanted to find out what happened to them in the future as well, and I hope that they had a happy one.

Overall I think this book was okay, it wasn’t my favorite. I think that with some tweaking of things here and there it could be an even better book. I do like that the author is writing to include some Indian culture in it and I found that fun. I think it was a good first book for her, and I hope that she keeps writing.

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