I have attempted to start multiple blogs for awhile now and have decided that I will somewhat combine my blog ideas.

First, I have a huge love of books. I read them every chance I get, usually two at once, one at home and one at work. I love seeing others book blogs and the different things people do and will be doing book reviews and other random book topics. I would like to do some of those book challenges I see on Instagram like posting certain pictures for a month, but I do fall behind.

Second, I love crafting, although my husband would say I love buying crafting stuff. I don’t do it as much as I want because I just don’t have time. I would love to make stuff and sell it eventually, and am slowly working on that. I do however make stuff for us and for my family and friends. So I will be posting about that as well.

Third, will just be about random things. They could be serious, could be silly, could be just totally who knows what. I just want a place that I can say like hey this awesome movie is coming out and I am excited. Or hey I had a bad day and I want to gripe about it. It really is just about me having fun and posting.

I do work full-time and I am going to school part-time to get my masters degree in Business (marketing concentration) so my posts may not be totally consistent. Sometimes when I have a test my whole week is devoted to stressing out and cramming for that so don’t think I have given up I am just busy with life.

Some of my hobbies include: reading, crafting, baking cupcakes, soccer, piano, movies, cross stitching, hanging out with the hubby, hanging out with family and friends, and playing with my animals.

I am married, June will be 5 years, we have two dogs, Doc and Piper, and two cats, Autumn and Olive. I love being silly and having fun. I love anything Disney I could discuss Disney with someone for hours, I love pirate things, and I love Elvis. I collect lots of things, too many in fact because I become obsessed with collecting them all. I collect: Disney Traditions by Jim Shore, Disney Vinylmation, Pop Funkos, some Disney Pins, and who knows what else I will start collecting.

Well thing that is good for now!

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