I just finished watching the first season of Shadowhunters yesterday. I was really excited when I heard the series was coming out and I wasn’t disappointed. Were there some things I didn’t like yes, but overall I really enjoyed it and am very excited it got renewed for the second season.


First let me say I saw the movie and I really did not like it. I thought the person they picked for Jace was just definitely not my idea of Jace. This Jace, Dominic Sherwood from Vampire Academy, in the TV series is way better! He is attractive and looks the part, like to me more manly than the other Jace. Clary, Katherine McNamara, was my least favorite in the beginning, she looked the part but her acting just wasn’t as great as the rest. Towards the end of the series I thought she did better. Alec, Matthew Daddario, was a great character I think he played the part well, and again attractive. Can I just say in that scene where he is trying to use the parabati bond to find Jace he has the most even chest hair I have seen, I think there was some man chest scaping going on here. Simon, Alberto Rosende, was I think spot on to how I imagined Simon to be, I loved him. Isabelle, Emeraude Toubia, I thought was good but not quite what I imagined her in my mind, but I think she played the part well. Can I just say though Harry Shum Jr. as Magnus Bane was amazing! I loved him! I thought the rest of the cast was well put together (don’t want to go through them all). Again I think this was just so much better than the movie.

I did notice some slight differences from the book, I mean the institute for one was not this high-tech side and you don’t hear that it is packed with people in the book, it is only the Lightwoods, Jace, and Hodge. To me it was an older place that was cool but not high-tech and didn’t have that many random shadowhunters. One thing I was not really excited about was that they had Camille turn Simon into a vampire instead of him being Raphael’s fledgling. I guess I don’t really know where they are going with it but find it odd they would have him connected to her like that.

I think my favorite episode this season was Malec. I just love the story between Magnus and Alec, more so in the book, but I am enjoying how it is played out here. I just thought it was great that it is already out in the open and that Lydia was so okay with it and then bam he is with Magnus.

I am interested to see what goes on in the second season, I am anxious for Jace to realize he is not Clary’s sister, because I have always loved them together. I also hope to see more of the Isabelle and Alec romance take place. It will be fun to also see Simon when he becomes a daylighter. So much more to come and 20 episodes instead of only 13!

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