Alright so last night I dreamed I married Chandler from friends….yeah that was an interesting dream. First is it just weird to have dreams where you are marrying another guy or even other dating dreams when you are in fact married. Now we are about to have a Friends theme quiz for Geeks Who Drink so I have been in Friends study mode so that might be why it was subconsciously in my brain. It was kind of hard to tell if I was me or Monica. I am pretty sure I was me, but was I me as Monica.

The dream started with me not knowing what was happening besides I was getting ready for something. We went to have our hair done and they first asked if I wanted my nails painted I was like sure why not, and they turned out absolutely horrible I mean it looked like a 3 year old painted them. Then we had makeup done and then it switched to we were at a house and we realized that my hair had not been done. Now how in the heck we missed that and I left that place without my hair done is besides me. So we are scrambling calling the place and them saying they can’t do my hair and us yelling oh yes you can.

Then it switched to me talking with Chandler. It was weird we were talking about vows and what not. In my dream I was like I know this isn’t real and this should be Monica talking to Chandler not me. Then my alarm went off and I woke up and was like well that was weird.

Isn’t it strange how when we are really concentrating on something we sometimes dream about it? Sometimes if I am really into a book and read it before bed I dream I am in the book. Anyone have any fun dreams?

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