Wow! Well it has been a long time since I was able to publish anything on here. Let’s just preface this with, my summer did not go as I had thought.

I am working full-time and also working on getting my masters, so I have been taking class for the last 2 years straight including summer. This summer I actually didn’t have to take a class and was just going to take one this fall. I was so excited to not have homework. I had plans of getting my house organized and doing a lot of reading and crafting. Well a couple weeks into my summer vacation on my Hubby and I’s 5th wedding anniversary we had a pipe break downstairs while we were gone and it flooded the entire downstairs. Which then started the chaos that was my summer.

They had to have someone come in and rip out all of our floor. We had carpet and laminate. Then they had to take the tile off the fireplace, they had to take all the kick boards off the cabinets in the kitchens and bathrooms and then they had to bring in about 40 fans and 5 dehumidifiers. Which then caused the house to be almost 90 degrees so we had to move ourselves, 2 cats, and a dog to a hotel! Let me tell you how fun it is, especially moving a cat in a car! So we had to take what we could and move there. The dog hated it, he is very skittish sine we lost his companion and so this was not a fun time for him. The room was small with 2 people, 2 cats and a dog. Nothing like trying to think what you need for work and life and pack it all up.

Mind you all this time of course you are dealing with insurance so having to figure out what can be done, what is covered, etc. Then after the fans finished we had to have a company move all of the downstairs furniture into a giant ugly pod parked in the driveway. So we had to go grab everything we needed to keep out and throw it upstairs. Mind you we had an anniversary trip planned to Vegas a week after this happened so we had to have the bed moved back in so someone could stay at the house and watch our animals. Which meant moving us back from the hotel and then possibly having to move back into a hotel once we were back. Then of course the appraiser comes in and assesses the damage sends it to the insurance then they decide how much they give us to replace it so a nice waiting game. Then we found black mold and had to have the vanity removed and a piece of the wall. Luckily our brother in law does contract work so we got to hire him and we got it done quickly once everything was figured out with the insurance. We decided to put in vinyl so if anything leaks at least it doesn’t puff up like our laminate did.

I like to at least joke that we bought ourselves insurance deduction new floors for our anniversary. This is definitely not how we planned to spend out anniversary let alone my summer. We have finally finished it and are getting everything back out of boxes, but by that time it was time for school to start. So I am back at work and school. So my blogging and crafting/reading life was put on hold with the chaos.

Hopefully once I get going again I can attract some followers who might read this :-). Maybe I could even do a giveaway! Hint hint nudge nudge, follow me!

Hope everyone has a safe and happy Labor day! We are off to Durango where I hope to hike, relax in a cabin and read.

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