A funny book
A family members favorite book
Book with a real city in the title
Book you’ve been meaning to read
A “Random Number” book
Memorable Book
Book whose author shares your initials
Book with a strong female leadSay You’re Sorry – Karen Rose
Book everyone else seems to love
Spooky Book
Book that takes place at sea
Top 10 of 2019 Book
Tales From the Shadowhunter Academy – Cassandra Clare
Book with no romanceThe National Team – Caitlin Murray
Book you wouldn’t normally read
A “free” bookThe Hummingbird Dagger – Cindy Anstey
A “classic” book
Book or author with an alliterative name
Translated book
Book with a terrible cover
Book over 500 pages
Book set in the pastA Dangerous Collaboration – Deanna Raybourn
A book by a P.O.C. or LGBTQIA+ author
Book you’ve never heard ofHearts Abroad – Skye McNeil
WildcardThe Library of Lost & Found – Phaedra Patrick
Book that passes the Bechdel test
A non-fiction book
Science fiction book
A young adult bookThe Mysterious Benedict Society – Trenton Lee Stewart
A graphic novel
Book about spies, crimes, or politics
Book about aliens, warriors, cowboys, or pirates
Book with a color in the title
Book by a female authorWicked Saints – Emily Duncan
Book with an element in the title
Award winning book or author
Book that will teach you a skill
Book with animals, dinosaurs, or mythical creatures
Most hyped book of the year so far
Book with blood, bones, or fear in the title
Book set somewhere sunnyOceans Away – Skye McNeil
Book published when you were a tennager
Book you hated as a child
Book that was popular in the 90s
Book with a body part in the title
Book set in another country or cultureHypnotic Love – Patricia Catacalos
Book with a great cover
Book under 250 pagesMidnight Magic – Jo-Ann Carson
Book set in Africa, Asia, or South AmericaThe Suspect – Fiona Barton
Collected Works
Book about mythology
Book published posthumously
Indie Book
Any book in the Redwall Series
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