Genre: Mystery/Historical Fiction
Pages: 336
Publication Date: 3/12/2019

Book Description:
Victorian adventuress Veronica Speedwell is whisked off to a remote island off the tip of Cornwall when her natural historian colleague Stoker’s brother calls in a favor. On the pretext of wanting a companion to accompany him to Lord Malcolm Romilly’s house party, Tiberius persuades Veronica to pose as his fiancée–much to Stoker’s chagrin. But upon arriving, it becomes clear that the party is not as innocent as it had seemed. Every invited guest has a connection to Romilly’s wife, Rosamund, who disappeared on her wedding day three years ago, and a dramatic dinner proves she is very much on her husband’s mind.
As spectral figures, ghostly music, and mysterious threats begin to plague the partygoers, Veronica enlists Stoker’s help to discover the host’s true motivations. And as they investigate, it becomes clear that there are numerous mysteries surrounding the Romilly estate, and every person present has a motive to kill Rosamund…

I received this book as an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

I have to say this is one of my favorite series so when I was given the ARC to read I was super excited. I couldn’t wait to see where Veronica and Stoker’s adventures took them on next; needless to say I wasn’t disappointed.

I liked that his novel had Stoker’s brother in it more so we again see another side of Stoker and his relationship with his family and also get some more insight into his brother. You finally get to see a more vulnerable side of his brother. This story had more of a spooky aspect to it since it was based on trying to solve the murder of Templeton’s friend Lord Malcom’s missing bride. I was definitely guessing right along as to who I thought it was. The book did a good job of giving you little clues but also kept you guessing because the clues could lead to a couple different people. The person I thought it was towards the end, before the big reveal that really shows who it was, was not correct.

I thought that the characters were great. I love Veronica and Stoker’s relationship, their banter together is always making me laugh out loud while reading. I like that this book had more tension in their growing relationship, I am totally wanting them to be together and it looks like I am slowly getting my wish! The words he said to her at the end made me so happy, and not o mention what he says to his brother about her. I thought the rest of the characters were also well written, they all had a nice backstory so you really felt connected to all the players in the story and it just made it all the more interesting.

The plot was well thought out and the book flowed smoothly. The descriptions of the island and village really brought the scenes to life and made you feel like you were there. Even though the story kept you guessing as to the mystery it wasn’t confusing and hard to follow. It connects well to the books that have come before so you still get bits and pieces of Veronica’s life being related to the royal family, but not allowed to really be known to be related. I have to say I have a good hunch of what the next book is going to entail! I am excited that since this series is historical fiction it is going to include the Jack the Ripper killings and weave that into the story! I have a feeling a certain royal someone is going to need Veronica and Stoker’s help! CAN’T WAIT! 

I definitely recommend this book and this whole series!

Book Rating: 5 out or 5 Stars

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