Published: 3/2/3013
Genre: Romance/Historical Fiction
Pages: 313

Book Description:England 1862 – When Gabriel St. Lawrence met Lady Serena Lloyd, she treated him with disdain and the usually charming Gabriel responded in kind with hurtful insults. And then, the Lady disappeared. But Gabriel could not stop thinking of the captivating beauty, hoping to one day find her. Now three years later, he has purchased a theatre purported to be haunted. But the ‘haunting spirit’ is a very real woman searching for a murderer…the very woman with whom he had reluctantly fallen in love…Serena. But is she the only haunting spirit afoot?

I received this book as an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

This is my third book in the series and I once again really enjoyed reading it. It had a little different tone in the sense that the ghost in this story was not an astral projection of someone, but a true ghost!

I like that the book started out with you trying to figure out who would be trying to kill Serena and see that she is saved from the ghost. So right away you are thrown into this mystery as to who would want to kill her and why. Then you see that she is trying to piece together the puzzle of not only hers but also her fellow actresses murder; however that is thrown for a loop when Gabriel appears and buys the theater.

I thought the plot of the book was well thought out and it flowed nicely. I really like that Gabriel finds Serena early on in the book, because I really liked the way they played off each other through the book. That had good chemistry and it was fun to see them work together on this. I did think the relationship went super fast, but it worked for them.

The supporting characters were good as well and they helped move the story along nicely. I didn’t figure it out right away who did it, but I had an inkling towards the end but I was surprised on why they had done it. I liked that there were actually multiple twists along the way that you find out and it kept you entertained and guessing.

I really enjoyed it and can’t wait to read the next one in the series.

Book Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

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