Book Description: Justine Montgomery, daughter of a divorced beauty queen and TV magnate, is a tabloid disaster after her infamous sex tape. She’s so desperate to help save her family’s home she turns to her deal-making dad. Can she prove to him she’s cut out for a career in television or will she lose it all?
Sawyer has his own past and a successful career is his only goal. Seeing Justine fail would mean the promotion of a lifetime, but things get complicated when he develops feelings for her. Suddenly, the lines between work, life, sex, and love are blurry.
They will have to overcome the bitterness of a rejected ex, the controlling actions of her father, and the half-truths they’re telling one another to forge a lasting partnership both on the job and off the clock.

I received this book as an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

What else is there to say but I really loved this book. I was hooked from the start. I was interested to see where the story went and how it would develop as it went on. I personally like that it was a romance novel, but not quite your typical one. There was more to the story than normal and some growth for the characters as they went along.

I really like Justine and Sawyer, I thought their chemistry was great from the start and loved the banter between them. I really liked Justine’s character, she wasn’t your typical rich girl and she also didn’t pout when things didn’t go her way. She made the best out of what she got. I thought it was great she was driven to prove to everyone what she was capable of even if really only Sawyer and her mother had her back.

I think the fact that Sawyer had a troubled life made them even more compatible because they brought out this new side to each other. She as the family he never had and didn’t realize he wanted until he was with her. It was so cute when that is what he told her dad. I also just think the way they bounced witty comments back and forth was great, it made me laugh quite often.

I like that this story was not a love triangle, there was the other guy, but Justine had no interest in him; thank goodness because he was a sleaze. I was sad for her that she got betrayed by this woman she has looked up to for a long time, but then she is given a chance to do what she is really good at; even if she didn’t know she would be good at it at first. Of course the ending was great, but don’t want to give it away. Definitely a fun read.

Book Rating: 5 out of 5

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