Book Description: When we last left our heroine at the end of the critically acclaimed novel “Like a Closed Fist”, Phoebe was floundering. Left with a broken heart and shattered pride, she turns to the much older Mitch to pick up the pieces. This time, her father’s best friend doesn’t resist her.
Bruce, everyone’s favorite tough-love dad, finally takes a stand and tries to break the mismatched pair up. Phoebe, hurt and humiliated once again, runs away from home. Out on her own for the first time, she learns life’s greatest lesson: how to grow up.
Phoebe 2.0, mature and enjoying her independence, is determined to take a break from romance. But, as often happens, her best laid plans go awry. Is it just a rebound, or will Phoebe fall in love?
With Bruce, Mitch, Annie, Mark, Frankie, Mason, Leo, and another trip to beautiful North Carolina, this California girl has another adventure in store for her!

I received this book as an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

I have read the first book in this series so I know the background of this story. I must say that I just wasn’t into this book. Unfortunately the parts that annoyed me int he first were still here in this one as well. I still find it silly how after she talks about how she has to pee after every time she has sex so that she doesn’t get a UTI. Which really isn’t how it works and then go figure the one time in the book she doesn’t pee after she gets one. It just makes her feel very naive and like she just shouldn’t be having sex.

I feel that the main character is very childish for her age. She basically throws a tantrum because her dad talks the old married guy she is after, Mitch, to leave her alone, and rightly so. So she decides I am just going to move out and not talk to my dad for months. Then when she decides to talk to him again and just shows up and he is with someone else she is upset, but yet it was her fault. I figured when she moved out she was going to grow up some in this book and I guess slightly she does but she still basically reverts back and falls right away for a guy and gets hurt again.

I do think the plot has potential, both books did, I think the story is interesting but I think the main character needs to be different, like I want her to start growing up some and learn from her mistakes. I am assuming there will be a third book, the ending was a cliffhanger and I do think that right at the end Phoebe did grow a little. I am interested to see how it all plays out since she is accused of something she didn’t do. I am rooting for her and Mason and that he changes his mind. I also think that Phoebe needs a better friend because the way Annie treated her was wrong!

Overall I am still glad I read this book and would like to finish the story to see how Phoebe’s story plays out.

Book Rating: 2.5 out of 5 Stars

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