Book Description:
The Adventure of a Lifetime . . .
Ethan Drake is a living legend.
If only his late father had mentioned it.
Ethan and his friends decode a series of cryptic riddles from an ancient treasure map. Their discovery entangles them in a centuries-old struggle between warring secret societies.
It soon becomes clear that Ethan is not just an adventurous teen who accidentally stumbles upon a shadowy world.
He is a catalyst…
a spark which ignites the resurgence.

I received this book as an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

I thought this sounded like a fun book to read. The cover also really drew me in because I just thought it was interesting. I do think from the description I thought it was for a more adult audience, but it is more for the younger audience. The story was an interesting plot, I liked that it’s like a vigilante society that is trying to stop people from hurting society; or in this story more just this town. It was a fun idea. I do think there was more potential with this idea and I just wanted more.

I thought that a lot of this was a little unbelievable. I mean these kids can just go off for multiple days or even just all day without their parents caring. Especially when Ethan goes and hangs out along on the mountain for multiple days. I also just felt decisions happened to fast like they agree to be in this group and learn to fight and spy on people in the span of days, just seemed unbelievable for kids doing this.

I thought the writing was well done. The story moved along at a nice pace and had some fun parts to it. I do wish the characters were a little more developed ; mainly just didn’t feel very connected to them. I still think the story was interesting and was a new and interesting idea. I am also curious to know what is up with the girl because something isn’t right and who she is the daughter of.

Book Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars

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