Published: July 7, 2020
Genre: Fantasy
Pages: 384

Book Description: Nestled along the bluffs of the forested coast lays the secret kingdom of the Omte—a realm filled with wonder…and as many secrets.Ulla Tulin was left abandoned in an isolated Kanin city as a baby, taken in by strangers and raised hidden away like many of the trolls of mixed blood. Even knowing this truth, she’s never stopped wondering about her family. When Ulla is offered an internship working alongside the handsome Pan Soriano at the Mimirin, a prestigious institution, she jumps at the chance to use this opportunity to hopefully find her parents. All she wants is to focus on her job and the search for her parents, but all of her attempts to find them are blocked when she learns her mother may be connected to the Omte royal family. With little progress made, Ulla and Pan soon find themselves wrapped up in helping Eliana, an amnestic girl with abilities unlike any they have ever seen before—a girl who seems to be running from something. To figure out who she is they must leave the city, and possibly, along the way, they may learn more about Ulla’s parents.

I received this book as an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

First and foremost it is RELEASE DAY for this book! So go check it out and get you a copy and start reading!

I was so excited when I was asked to review Amanda Hocking’s new series The Omte Origins! I have loved her previous books and so I was exited to delve into the world of Trylle and Trolls again! Let me say I was not disappointed.

I thought the plot of this book was good, it was intriguing from the beginning because we see a baby get left and so you are already wondering her story and then you continue on the journey with her to find out her parents. I like that it isn’t just her that is in search of parents, that there is a whole background to the Trolls and how they are half-breads and there is a project, finally, where they can work and also find their families. It was great that you get some background at the beginning about the Trolls, especially if you are new to the Trylle universe.

The book flows nicely. You are give a background and then you get right into the story. There are some nice surprises along the way that you weren’t expecting and I liked that because it kept me wondering where it was going to go and wanting to finish the book. I thought the writing was well done and loved that there was some humor and a slight hint at a romance that might happen (I have my fingers crossed that it does!).

The characters are well written, you really have your main character Ulla, but the other “supporting” characters really stand out and are really important part of the series and I like this. I am excited to see how each other characters grow as the story progresses and how they continue to ineract with one another. I am especially interested in the mystery Jem-Kruk!

Overall I thought this was a great and quick read. I received the ARC for the second and I am going to dive right in so I can find out what happens next!

Book Rating: 4 out of 4 Stars

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