Published:August 4, 2020
Genre: Fantasy
Pages: 352

Book Description: Nestled along the bluffs of the forested coast lays the secret kingdom of the Omte—a realm filled with wonder… and as many secrets. When Ulla Tulin took her internship at the Mimirin, the only mystery she thought she’d have to solve was that of her birth parents. After a girl named Eliana gets kidnapped while in her care, Ulla knows she has to find out the truth of who Eliana really is—and the only way to do that means traveling to the Omte capital, the place she suspects her mother is from. Ulla didn’t expect that when she arrived she would discover the identity of a Skojare man who crossed paths with her mother—a man who could very well be her father. When the head of the Mimirin learns Ulla’s father is connected to the Älvolk, a secret society who believes they were tasked with protecting the First City and the only ones who know its location, he sends Ulla and Pan to Sweden where they find him living among the Älvolk. But all is not what it seems with the Älvolk and their urgent quest to find the Lost Bridge to the First City leaves Ulla feeling uneasy—and possibly in danger.

I received this book as an ARC from NetGalley & The Publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Amanda Hocking you have done it again! You have pulled me into another great series in the world of Trylle. I had to start this one right after I finished the first because I needed to know what was going to happen. Now I am in desperate need for the 3rd! I MUST know what happens.

This book picked up nicely from where the first left off. I thought this one moved the story along more than the first one, especially towards the end when you get all this crazy information and twists and then BAM you want to find out more and book over! I thought the plot was well thought out and you start to learn more about the possibilities of Ulla’s parents and you also get the sense that some people have not so great of interests in hoping that Ulla and Pan find Eliana.

The characters developed some in this book, but not a lot. You meet a few new characters and also you do get to learn more about a couple of those from the first book. What I was most happy about was seeing the relationship grow between Ulla and Pan. I am rooting for them and hoping she doesn’t all of a sudden go with Jem-Kruk. It definitely seems like there is more to Ulla that we are going to learn about in the 3rd book and I have a feeling it is going to change a lot of things.

The writing was well done and flowed nicely. I was hooked on the story and it was hard to put down, but I guess a person has to sleep at some point. I am hoping that in the third it is as action packed with things happening like the end of this book was because there is so much I want to find out during the next book.

If you haven’t picked up the first book you definitely should, and when this comes out in August grab it too. Just really if you haven’t ready Amanda’s other books you are missing out so go grab those too especially Switched the first book in the Trylle series that got me hooked!

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