Book Description: The day Desmoree Shale was kidnapped and awoke naked on a slab in a Sydney morgue should have been the worst day of her life – but she’s not dead, barely harmed, and her would be assassin, Jax, is actually kind of… cute. Tempted by the idea of a mythical fairy-land, Des joins Jax in discovering the past her mother was determined to keep hidden. She quickly learns there was a reason for her mother’s secrecy. Finding herself smack in the middle of an eons-old war between two feuding Fey species, prophesized to take on a vicious beast, and pressured to unlock her magic is not what Des had been expecting. Now she must decide between a terrible battle in the new life she loves or returning to piece together the one she left behind.

I received this book as an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

I must start by saying I really love the cover that Rebecca picked. I think it just flows well and is really pretty and eye catching. I love that those blue shoes she talks about is on the cover.

I thought overall this was a pretty good book, I did feel that it seemed a little rushed. It started out slower, you are getting to know Des a little bit and see her fiery side and then she is whisked away into the Fey world. She is slowly understanding who she is, since it has been hidden from her, her entire life in order to protect her. She meets her relatives and hears about this prophecy how she is the chosen one to defeat this beast and it is all thrown at her right away. Now who wouldn’t have some anxiety over this?! Then as she starts to learn more about what is going on in this world and gets to meet her father and starts to learn more about Jax it all of a sudden takes off. One second she is learning where to collect ingredients for spells and that she can see her moms essence and speak to her and then bam all of a sudden she is in a battle with the beast. Then from there it is nonstop, don’t want to put it all in here and ruin the story.

Maybe it is because I am used to reading trilogies where by the end of the first she might have had her first battle with the beast, but there would have been some backstory to it. I know this is a series as well, but it just seemed to go really fast. That being said I thought the story was interesting and kept me entertained and wondering what was going to happen. I really liked Des sarcasm and her attitude, I did feel that towards the end she kind of lost that spunk. She all of a sudden became really sweet tempered and romantic, which isn’t bad, but was different than how she started out in the book.

I am glad that this book didn’t have a love triangle, at first I thought oh dear Jax and Moyeth are both going to want her. Then you find out that Moyeth is actually married so I was glad. Not that I don’t love a good love triangle, but I enjoy books that don’t do it because you get to focus on the story and the growth between the two characters. I thought overall this was a fun book and am interested in knowing where the story goes from here. I thought the characters were good and that I did connect with them and were interested in them as the story progressed.

Book Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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