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They say only the dead can cross a Threshold, the dead and those who have faced a Nemesis Charm.
When Apprentice Adventurers, Fletcher and Scoop, discover their mother has fallen under the curse of a strange sickness, they prepare to sail for its source, a Threshold, a doorway to the world beyond the Un-Crossable Boundary.
But they are not the only ones seeking to cross the Threshold. Their old enemy, Grizelda, has heard that beyond the Boundary lives a woman with the same power as the Storyteller. With the help of a monster made with an undead heart, she plans to cross the Boundary and steal that power for herself. If she succeeds, the Academy, the island and everything in Fletcher and Scoop’s world will be hers.

I was very excited to get a chance to read this book because it is my first ARC book review! I was given a copy of The Nemesis Charm in exchange for an honest review. I have actually not read the first book however the 2nd book does well as a stand alone novel in the sense that I could figure out what was going on without being too lost from not having read the first. I am a big fan of fantasy novels and since this is geared at a younger generation than me I would not have probably read it, but I am glad I had the opportunity to read it because I really enjoyed reading it. I can definitely see how it will appeal to the younger generation and be a fun read for those that are older.

Right off the bat I found the map that is in the front fun to look at all the fun different places that Daniel came up with. Some of them even reminded me of childhood places I had read about and saw in movies. Like the Cliffs of Uncertainty reminded me of Princess Bride’s Cliffs of Insanity, The Skull Island that appeared remind me of Skull Rock in Peter Pan and some were new and fun to hear like Dead Man’s Fingers. It was just fun picturing these places in my head and being brought back memories of others.

I thought the story was a good one. I liked the play on the grammar and words in general in his titles of certain things. Like they are at Blotting Academy and they kids are playing Grammar Games on Fullstop Island. It was just fun to see that in a way it is almost like when kids are reading this they can also maybe think about grammar and learn at the same time. I enjoyed the twists that came with the story like how Libby is writing the story so you are like am I reading a story that is within a story and how is she in a different world but connected. Or the fact that her username is F1R3B1RD and for Fletcher and Scoop a firebird talks to them and tells them it will be okay. Just the fun guessing of what is going to turn out kept it interesting.

This book had humor, adventure, and suspense all rolled into one. I think that it is set up nicely to continue on in the 3rd book and will be curious to see how things play out in the end. Especially with the foreshadowing of what crossing the Threshold will entail for Fletcher and Scoop. Again thank you to Daniel Ingram-Brown to letting me read the ARC and get to enjoy this story.

My Rating: 4 out of 5

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